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About 9d8

9d8 is a marketing-minded software design and development studio founded by Cameron Youngblood and Bridger Tower. We specialize in helping innovative companies across the United States with their design, coding, and marketing needs, learn more about our services.



Bridger Tower

Bridger Tower Salt Lake City, UT

Bridger is a design engineer blurring the lines between design and code. He has worked with hundreds of brands and built websites for clients big and small. When not designing and coding he can be found climbing, mountain biking, or hiking.

Cameron Youngblood

Cameron Youngblood San Diego, CA

Cameron is a full stack engineer with a background in marketing and startups. He has a Masters in Computer Science from Georgia Tech and spends his freetime coding or surfing. He is passionate about software and scaling businesses.

We also develop open source software with a focus on marketing and website creation. Projects include Next WP, Craft, Components, and Router.so.

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